Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Young Bros Limited’s CSR values are at the heart of the business, and is believed to be an essential part in the success of the business. With our strong CSR values we believe that we can build relationships, collaborate and ensure repeat business on Civil Engineering projects.


  • Provide high quality welfare facilities to enhance healthy working conditions and ensure that our employees can relax during their working shifts.
  • Investing in the best practice solutions to ensure that the health of our employees are at the forefront of our operations.


  • Promote safe working practices through consultation with the workforce.
  • All managers are aware of the need to lead by example, and ensure that the highest safety standards are met or exceeded.
  • We have an excellent Health and Safety accident record.


  • Disposal of material is a last resort – all employees are aware of the need to eliminate waste.
  • Utilising trenchless technology and using open excavations as a last resort in order to reduce waste by eliminating excavations.
  • Stock-piling all concrete and hardcore for recycling to reuse in future projects.


  • Maintaining a small turnover of employees by investing in internal and external training.
  • Getting to know and understand our employees as people – our most valuable resource.
  • Developing a local direct labor force with no agency workers to ensure that they understand our values.


  • Collaborating with clients to develop good working relationships and ensuring that cost savings are shared.
  • Utilising a long established supply chain that offer high quality for repeat business.
  • Promoting a helpful and approachable workforce that develop good relationships with the community that promotes a positive image.